Top 10 Arthritis Healing Superfoods (click here to view/add comments)

Even though this is not a magic pill or a cure all arthritis recommendation, here are some foods suggested by  that can help deal with any type of inflammation, especially joint pain/arthritis. Do not necessarily expect quick results, but if you have pain, make these foods part of your daily diet.

Top 10 Arthritis Healing Superfoods


  1. Fuzy says:

    I love this video and superfoods have to give maca a try next on my list. But I have firgeud out how Shazzie gets by on only 3 hours sleep per night Raw cacoa has caffine it turns out Perhaps this contributes to needing’ little sleep. Don’t get me wrong I totally agree with superfoods and take many myself (chia, goji, pumpkin seeds etc..) but it would be wise to check caffine intake if you are having a lot of cacoa.

    1. healingbetter says:

      Your are right about Cacao, it is a stimulant so if you are sensitive to caffeine you should only have it in the morning. Maca can keep you awake also, so I recommend taking it in the morning to give you energy and revitalize your endocrine (hormone) system. The combination of those two can really get you going.